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Escavox provides sustainable solutions to the fresh food industry, so its customers can deliver consistent fresh quality product, reduce losses and protect their brand.

Escavox gives fresh produce a voice by monitoring fresh foods as they travel through the supply chain from farm to retail shelf (or anywhere in between) and analysing the data to provide real-time reports and analytics to support decision making.
Escavox data is live, independent and objective, presented on easy-to-read dashboards in real-time.

The autonomously captured data gives food supply managers the confidence to make timely and informed decisions about their product’s supply chain arrangements.
An Australian owned and operated company, Escavox is powered by experts from diverse backgrounds, who are passionate about fresh food and sustainability.

The Escavox team brings experience and networks across food production, supply chain, retailing, software and IoT and has used this knowledge, along with the feedback of its customers, to build the suite of Escavox services offered to the market.

Escavox Products

Escavox gives food suppliers a unique window into their supply chain’s performance from farm to retail shelf, allowing suppliers to make decisions that reduce waste, minimise rejections and help maintain product freshness.
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