Inmarsat Connected Agri-Food Supply Chain on social media

Inmarsat uses our global capability on land, sea and air to provide bespoke managed solutions to improve quality of raw materials, reduce cost, provide full traceability back to farm gate and use data driven approaches to monitor progress against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Examples of our work include aggregation and collation of data at the level of primary production to monitor water use, field level weather, crop storage, machinery and logistics tracking. We combine these capabilities to provide managed services to solve our clients biggest challenges such as improving shelf-life of fresh produce, optimising supply management through production forecasts, verifying sustainability and ethical claims and enabling continuous improvement.

Solutions utilise our global satellite network, providing the ability to gather real-time data in areas of unreliable or non-existent cellular internet connectivity. We use our own Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) enablement platform, which provides the ability to connect data producing devices such as sensors, machinery and assets to the customer’s choice of cloud platforms and business applications. Our platform is hardware and software agnostic, so we have flexibility to choose the right tools for your specific needs.