Up to now, farmers and contractors with a mixed machinery fleet can only record, process and document their data using the respective equipment and web portals of the individual manufacturers.

What’s changed?

With new DataConnect, CLAAS, 365FarmNet and John Deere have created for the first time a direct, manufacturer independent cloud-to-cloud solution. In a similar way to ISOBUS, customers can now exchange their data via a common interface as well as control and monitor their entire machinery fleet using their favourite system.

Why is this something I need to know when thinking about buying farm machinery?

The landmark deal between machinery giants John Deere, Claas, CNH Industrial and software company 365FarmerNet was struck which now allows farmers to exchange data in real time between different machinery brands. Yes that’s right. Competing machinery manufacturers are now enabling their users to more easily and openly share data. ‘DataConnect’ is the first direct, manufacturer-independent solution that enables the seamless, automatic and real-time exchange of important machine data between the various machine brand platforms. Similar to how ISOBUS allowed equipment from different brands to work together, DataConnect will allow different machinery platforms to securely exchange and view each others data. It also allows customers who have a mixed fleet or are in the process of transitioning from one manufacturer to another, to have their data seamlessly connect. 

“For a long time it’s been a challenge for customers to get multiple data-sets together, this is a positive step for customers and manufacturers,” said John Deere’s Australian precision agriculture segment manager Ben Kelly. 

John Deere’s Australian precision agriculture segment manager Mr Kelly went on to say that phase one of DataConnect would allow producers operating John Deere, Claas, New Holland, Case IH or Steyr branded farm equipment to share fleet data, including current and historical machine location, current fuel tank level, working status and forward speed.  

Operators would be able to choose which platform they use to access the data, with the initial roll-out including John Deere Operations Center, AFS Connect, MyPLM Connect, C Telematics or 365FarmNet portals. 

The four founding companies are all members of the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation, the independent body in charge of implementing electronic standards such as ISOBUS.