AgTech adoption can often seem a daunting process. There’s a range of factors you will need to consider before you begin looking for the right solution.

This update is authored by Andrew Barton, Chief Executive Officer of AgTech Finder listed OPS Australia. Andrew outlines the five key questions you should answer before considering what AgTech is right for you.


We have been using technology to help us manage agriculture since people first moved to the Australian bush. The transition from the kerosene lamp to electrical power is a fundamental example of AgTech. As is the adoption of UHF radio communications and NBN satellite data communications. Farmers living in the Australian bush have been adopting technology with great success for many years.

Properties used to have large workforces, but they were different times. Today it is increasingly harder to find good resources that can assist your work in regional and rural areas. This challenge is not specific to agriculture, but all industries within Australia.

So how do we maintain our output with fewer resources? Furthermore, how can we improve our productivity while maximising our rural agricultural businesses? The answer is technology.

Technology has always been a core enabler allowing the Australian bush to develop and progress. A greater understanding and focus on technology have always provided strong benefits.


When identifying your objectives, clarify what is important to you and your property. The top five questions you should ask are:

It is helpful to the overall planning process if you can write your objectives down and discuss these with whoever else is involved with management of your property. 


With your objectives known, documented, and agreed, it is then time to identify your ‘AgTech Plan’ which will help you achieve your objectives. 

AgTech Finder is a fantastic resource if you know what you’re looking for and are a confident decision maker. Most, if not all, AgTech companies will talk you through their solutions and compatibility to your operations.

However, if you’re unsure or want more support in the decision-making process, OPS Australia is here to help. We are based in Longreach, Queensland and are one of, if not the only, AgTech companies in Australia based in the bush. The OPS solution has been designed, built, tested, and proven in the bush, for the bush and by the bush. As such, we can help you:

At the end of the day, an AgTech solution should work for you, across your full property. It should be your second set of eyes to continually watch over your property to keep you informed and one that can automatically act in an integrated manner. 

Get in touch with us today to start creating your ‘AgTech Plan’, and remember, AgTech exists to make your life easier.