Building up the value of your produce or livestock by telling stories about their provenance is a really good way to make sure that you can get some financial return from the care and skills you put into farming, and from the locations where you farm.

To help farmers better understand what consumers want to know about where, how and by who produces their food and fibre a ‘Provenance Toolkit’ has been created by AgriFutures Australia that aims to help farmers and other rural businesses stand out from the crowd by telling their stories.

The toolkit, first made available on the AgriFutures website on April 22nd, and with newly added reources, offers a suite of practical resources available for download via the AgriFutures Australia website.

AgriFutures Australia’s senior manager, business development, Jennifer Medway said producers needed to constantly innovate to keep pace with changing consumer wants and needs in often crowded marketplaces.

“Giving consumers line of sight to where and how their food and fibre is produced is no longer a strategy reserved for small boutique businesses. Market insights from the research showed how producers can take their own production stories and turn them into successful marketing strategies,” Ms Medway said.

The resources within the toolkit are designed to walk farming and rural businesses through the process of creating assets for telling stories about provenance and makes it easy to start planning how to best tell the story of your produce.

As well as telling stories about provenance by branding your produce, using social media channels, or by creating videos for YouTube, there are also a number of tech, packaging and digital tracking solutions that you can use to help prove the authenticity of your produce throughout the supply chain.

These technologies include things like printed codes, blockchain, tracking dots that use GPS, chemical analysers – check out solutions like these listed in the directory of and the consumer trends report that you can access below also provides some further details on the platforms and technologies currently available to get provenance stories to the consumer. There are some useful case studies in there as well that demonstrate the practical application to rural businesses (the case studies take a specific look at how storytelling has helped Australian abalone, pineapples and organic beef).

For farmers and food production businesses whose produce is shipped overseas, there is more reason to consider provenance and traceability solutions as part of your strategy because research also shows that as physical and psychological distance between consumers and their source of food and fibre products widens, there is increased demand for provenance information and assurance.

Click here for more information on consumer trends, technologies and platforms; provenance storytelling guidebook, and; producer templates for provenance storytelling. The resources include a number of Youtube videos featuring various provenance case studies.

Watch the video below to learn about the Australian Wool Network and how they use QR codes to connect consumers to producer and product stories.

First published as ‘AgriFutures Australia releases provenance toolkit + VIDEO’ by Sheep Central, April 22, 2020