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DataFarming is an Australian agtech company which aims to break down the barriers to adoption of precision agriculture by providing low cost, simple to use, and easy to access platforms; taking it from boutique to mainstream. Our expertise dates back 20 years, with founders Tim and Peta Neale having developed many of the products you see in this space. We have started with free satellite imagery of crops and pastures every five days anywhere in the world. In fact within 18 months of release, we had 9,000 farms and 55,000 paddocks in the system covering 5.5M ha (13M acres) of paddock data. We work collaboratively with a number of companies (through API) to help them get precision ag data embedded in their day to day activities.


DataFarming Products

Instantly convert your satellite imagery to Variable Rate zoning files.
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Free access to satellite imagery and normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI), for crop/pasture health, anywhere in the world (every 5 days).
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